1. How to make CHEESE FONDUE
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    How to make CHEESE FONDUE

    How to make fondue – everything we’ve learned over the years.

    Categories: recipes & food


    Light soups are perfect in Spring when it’s nowhere near as warm as we wish it were, but when cooking hearty winter fare would feel too much like defeat. This one is perfect with a Furmint or Sauvignon blanc. You can do the same with any other herb of your choice, rocket, wild garlic or nettle. […]

  3. We love Schnitzel
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    We love Schnitzel

    If you follow us on social media, you might have gotten the impression that we have a mad love for Schnitzel. Allow me to correct you: we’re a lot crazier for Schnitzel than you think! And that’s not counting Cordon Bleu, which we love possibly more! I mean, it is Schnitzel with ham and cheese added… […]

  4. Christmas Biscuits: Sablés
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    Christmas Biscuits: Sablés

    We call them “GUETZLI” The Swiss are as Christmas biscuit baking crazy as their neighbours in Austria and Germany and it is quite common to bake a dozen different ones. We’re only two at home and so have become lazy, so most years only a couple of easy favourites are made. This one is non negotiable […]

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