Doral, the exotic little number

A bunch of Doral, all golden A bunch of Doral, all golden

Doral is a relatively new grape and is a cross between Chasselas and Chardonnay.

In that crossing they were looking for a more ecologically robust version of Chasselas, but with Doral they got something new. It's not like Chasselas. It's a richer, more exotic variety. It's delicious and different.

Doral could be said to have inherited the pear drop side of Chasselas and the exotic side of Chardonnay, but more expressive than both. 

It is for now only grown in Switzerland, mainly in the region of Vaud but also in Valais and a little in Ticino. But considering this is the most successful of the unknown grapes for us in the UK, I wouldn't be surprised if it started appearing in other countries.

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