The Himbertscha is a very rare variety. The name has nothing to do with raspberries (Himbeeren), but rather it comes from "im Bercla" meaning "in the vine" ("Bercla" is a Germanization of the Italian "pergola"). Indeed, this is the preferred method of training this variety.

In the 1970s, the Himbertscha was saved in extremis from certain disappearance by Josef-Marie Chanton, Visp producer, who had spotted some vines in the old vineyards of Visperterminen. He now has less than a quarter of a hectare planted.

Himbertscha is most commonly found in blends with Chasselas, the dominant variety of Switzerland. That said, a handful of producers do make varietal Himbertscha wines although Chanton’s are the only commercially available. These are typically straw coloured, and present aromas of spring herbs, wild garlic, dandelion, hazlenuts and lemons. On the palate, the flavours are quite similar to moss, lemon and Brazil nuts.

Himbertscha is the child of Humagne and the half sibling of Lafnetscha.

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