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Wine has been grown in Switzerland for 2,000 years. Yet very little is known about these wines outside of Switzerland. That is because the Swiss drink most of it, in spite of making wine in nearly every canton (county) the Swiss are large importers of wine.

Switzerland is a fascinating winemaking country. The vineyards landscapes are enchanting and the diversity is incredible. Add to that a requirement to be sustainable and green, quality expectations unrivaled anywhere, with unique terroirs and varieties and you have a wine lover's dreamland. Right on your doorstep in the heart of Europe, often ignored for its larger neighbours, but an unmissable experience for every wine lover.

Swiss Winemakers

In Switzerland wine is so embedded in life and land that everyone either is a winemaker or knows one (usually many). There are hundreds of small family producers and even the larger winemakers are small on the world scale, which allows for diversity and high quality. We have chosen some of the best representatives of Switzerland's wine scene - classic family wineries, top cooperatives and cult winemakers. 


Annatina Pelizzatti

Near impossible to get!


Badoux Vins

The "Aigle Les Murailles" is one of the top wines and one of the most famous in Switzerland.


Blaise Duboux

Top Lavaux wines

03 JRGermanier hommes

Cave Jean-René Germanier

Jean-René Germanier and Gilles Besse - a family tradition of award winning wines.

All our Switzerland winemakers

Swiss Wine Regions

Nearly every canton (county) produces wine but the main areas are along the lakes and major rivers. In Western Switzerland along Lake Geneva, Lake Neuchâtell and the Rhône. In Eastern Switzerland along the Rhine and Lake Zürich. In Southern Switzerland in the lake valleys of Italian speaking Ticino. Start your journey below:



Vaud is a wine tourists paradise with four very distinctive regions steeped in beauty and history.



Valais is the uncontestable champion of Swiss wines on the international scene.


Neuchâtel & the Trois Lacs (Three Lakes)

The best known white wines of Neuchâtel are the lively ones made from Chasselas.

Ticino (Tessin)

Ticino is Switzerland's warmest climate - a land where Merlot thrives.

Eastern Switzerland

Zürich, Schaffhausen, Aargau, Thurgau, St. Gallen, Basel.



Geneva should be on every wine lovers list for a perfect short food and wine break.


Forget Heidi, the wines are what matter here.

Swiss Wine Grapes

In Switzerland we have a wide repertoire of grape varieties and winemaking styles and almost every grape variety has a perfect terroir somewhere. Some of these are only grown in Switzerland including some of the rarest anywhere (such as the casanova grape Gwäss or the rarest Plantscher). Start exploring below:


Nearly all the world’s Amigne is grown around the village of Vétroz in Valais, Switzerland. 


Cabernet Franc

We offer Cabernet Franc from Switzerland and Israel as single variety wines and blends.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Wherever there are vines growing around the world there is likely to be Cabernet Sauvignon. 


Forget any prejudices and long-held beliefs, this is where the new Chardonnay adventure begins.



Chasselas shines in Switzerland as a smooth yet interesting wine.

Cornalin (Rouge du Pays)

Cornalin, originally named Rouge du Pays, was once the dominant red grape variety in Valais.


Diolinoir have excellent deep colour, as might be expected, good tannins and are quite powerful.


Doral is a relatively new grape and is a cross between Chasselas and Chardonnay created to provide a more aromatic version of Chasselas. It has certainly ...

Dôle Blend

Not a wine type, but so quintessential it deserves its own page.

Eyholzer Roter (Hibou)

Eyholzer Roter wine is a medium red, with a nose of mountain violets and raspberries. 


Gamaret is a new grape, a valuable blend grape, but also as a single variety of singular smooth elegance.


Gamay is such an exciting grape and has superb food-matching abilities few other reds can match.


Garanoir has very smooth tannins, low acidity, has a deep colour and generous fruit.



“A beautiful floral nose, packed with rose petals, and also spice and cloves. Medium bodied, dry, very flavoursome.”


Gwäss is important as the ancestor of many modern French and German wine varieties. 


Himbertscha wines typically have aromas of spring herbs, wild garlic, dandelion, hazlenuts and lemons.

Humagne Blanche

Humagne Blanche is delicate, with aromas of white blossoms and notes of honey and resin.

Humagne Rouge (Cornalin d'Aoste)

Humagne Rouge is a high quality indigenous red grape grown in Valais.


This is a very rare grape indeed and is only found in the Haut-Valais region of Switzerland. 



The Swiss produce an excellent range of single variety wines from this grape.


Merlot is probably the most common and popular grape worldwide - but Alpine Merlot is in its own league.


Mondeuse Noire

Dark, intense, a touch wild and yet well balanced.


Müller Thurgau

An early ripening cold climate grape.

Petite Arvine

The white Petite Arvine is one of the varieties that makes the Valais so very interesting.

Pinot Blanc

The best are concentrated, complex and age well in bottle, some well in excess of a decade.

Pinot Gris

Almost as versatile as Riesling, Pinot Gris gives an opportunity to widen your wine knowledge.

Pinot Noir

The world's best subtle red.



Plantscher is a very rare grape despite having an impressive and much admired offspring.


The queen of whites. We are a Riesling lover's dream.



Roussanne comes into its own in the Savoie.


The Rèze is one of the oldest white grape varieties still grown in the Valais region of Switzerland.


Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a well-known international grape variety that began its life in France.

Sauvignon Gris

Sauvignon Gris wines tend to be richer and more voluptuous in texture than Sauvignon Blanc.

Savagnin / Heida / Traminer / Paien

For me, one of the great white wine varieties.

Scheurebe (Sämling)

The good dry wines have aromas of blackcurrant and notes of grapefruit - worth looking for.

Sylvaner (Johannisberg)

The mature Sylvaner wines have much to offer with more spiciness coming through with age.

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