Günter & Regina Triebaumer

The Triebaumer family have resided in Rust for over 300 years! So you could say that winemaking is in current winemaker Günter’s DNA!

Rust is a pretty town on the shores of Lake Neusiedl which oozes a genteel prosperity with old wineries and baroque mansions. It’s a magnet for tourists but also home to the Austrian Wine Academy. 

Unlike many of his contempories who directly followed in their father's footsteps into the vineyards and winery; Günter chose instead to learn more about winemaking in Stellenbosch, South Africa, for 10 years before taking over the family estate in 2003. Today he is also a guest lecturer at the Austrian Wine Academy.

His wife Regina is the Ying to his Yang! Also from a winemaking family she chose a career path in wine sales and marketing, working in both the fledgling UK market and also in the USA. She is also passionate about wine education and was instrumental in setting up the Austrian Wine Academy and its international training programme.

They produce around 150k bottles from 25 hectares. Despite their production size the Triebaumer’s care a great deal about sustainable viticulture, their land and nature. They have complied with 25/26 regulations required for organic certification since 1971, when they also stopped using synthetic fertilisers, using only organic material where necessary.

They use no herbicides to clear weeds below the vines, using only mechanical methods. Furthermore, they also mitigate soil erosion by planting non vine species between the rows of vines.

They use no insecticides instead choosing to use pheromone-based pest management to discourage the grape moth.

Their principle reason for not applying for full organic certification is the prohibitive cost which would make their winery less economically viable and luckly for all of us that helps to keep the wines affordable!

They make a range of wines from their entry level Furmint (delicious with Vacherin Mont D'Or)  and Classic Blaufränkisch (Regina describes it as vivaciously juicy and she's not wrong, think tart cherries and black pepper!) which make a fab pair to kick off with!  Through to some super awesome reserve and iconic single estate or Ried wines. Whatever you choice, make sure you choose something as these wines have proved really popular with bars and restaurants too!


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