Fantastic Beaujolais

We have an amazing portfolio of Beaujolais, hand picked wineries who do a beautiful job. These wines can impress the pickiest Beaujolais expert, but also will delight us more normal people

1. fun easy drinking ones, delicious chilled too, for those we wrestle one more barbecue out of the British weather. Examples: Last year's Nouveau, crunchy villages, our younger Juliénas and Régnié, and a couple oldies for a smoother option.

2. the goldilocks ones in the middle, the quintessential Beaujolais cru, a perfect balance between fruit and body, between freshness and spice, between comfort and challenge. Examples: our single vineyard Villages "Chapital", the classic style crus.

3. rare, mature and complex crus, wines that are a conversation by themselves, alternatively bold and quiet, with new layers every sip. Time and effort went into them and they want to be a talking point around the table. The aged in Oak Fleurie, Juliénas and Moulin a Vent are prime example, as are the classic crus once they have some age - we go back to 2009 still

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