The Region

Traisental is one of the 5 regions that follow each other along the Danube: Wachau, Kremsal, Kamptal Traisental and Wagram.

Wine Statistics    

  • 1.8% of national production.
  • Cultivated area, 815 ha approximately .
  • 53.85% white and 46.15% red.
  • Average 33.2°C in summer and a minimum -11.4°C in winter.
  • Sun exposure, 1963 hours per year.
  • Average annual rainfall,773mm with rainy days.
  • Lowest elevation 250 metres, highest elevation 350 metres.
  • Soils are a mix of clay, marl, sand and sandstone, gravel, conglomerate rocks and chalk.


The very chalky soils of the Traisental challenge the vines to work their roots down into the rocks and impart a highly individual profile to the wines, including a full body and firm structure. Minerality functions as a flavour carrier, supporting the acidity structure and giving the wines a long ageing potential.

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