Mamete Prevostini

Valtellina is the largest terraced vine growing area in Northern Italy. 2,500km of dry stone walled terraces wind around this mountainous terroir that is so special it is protected by UNESCO world herirage status! It's in this special place you will find Mamete Prevostini. It was at the beginning of the last century when Mamete's Grandparents decided to dedicate their lives to what is now known as an “agriturismo”.

They grew their own fruit and vegetables and produced homemade hams, sausages and cheese, and, of course, wine. They were lucky enough to have a natural fridge in a cavity between the mountain rocks, "Crotto" in italian, where the humidity and temperature were maintained by the prevailing wind.

They started by offering their products to passers by, who often stopped to enjoy a hearty meal in the shade provided by the trees. Mamete grew up admiring and helping his Father who replicated the hospitality offered by his Grandparents. 

IN the vineyards, the yield per hectare is very low, the grapes are largely harvested manually on the sometimes very steep slopes. Nebbiolo (also known locally as Chiavennasca)is cultivated at a height of between 300 and 700 metres above sea level. Modest rainfall, hot summers and a great difference between daytime and night time temperature (diurnal variation) in the Autumn all contribute to the Alpine Nebbiolo’s character, body and delicacy, as well giving it potential to be developed further.

When Mamete opened his new cellar in 2014 with the CasaClima seal of approval it was a huge satisfaction and a great starting point for him to be the first certified cellar in Lombardy and the third in the whole of Italy!

In order to reach the high standards of quality required by the regulators of the CasaClima rating system, everything linked to respecting the environment had to be taken into consideration, from the choice of construction materials and efficient use of resources, to create an environmentally friendly work place.

The executive decisions that Mamete has made since then have always been based on environmental responsibility with a vision of a responsibility towards future generations.

One example of this is at the historic cellar in Mese where visitors to the cellar and customers of the Crotasc restaurant who drive electric cars can recharge their vehicles in the carpark, in the shade of the centuries old chestnut trees, at their recharging points.

When it comes to choosing one of these wines, there's quality and value at all price points! The everyday easy drinking Botonero is a superb partner to pizza or charcuterie while the elegant Valtellina Superiore DOCG won a Decanter Platinum award and fans of apassimento wines like Amarone should try the Corte di Cama, Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG which brings an alpine freshness to this style of wine.

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