Diolinoir originates from the Caudoz research centre in Switzerland thanks to André Jaquinet in 1970. Although created as a blending grape to improve the colour of some Swiss wine, as often happens once the vines reach a reasonable age much more can be done with the variety than initially expected. There are now some fantastic examples of Diolinoir on its own. In the Valais this produces a fine and quite powerful wine, usually barrel aged, and it is also increasingly planted in Lavaux and further afield. It is also seeing increased use in some of Switzerland's top-end blends because of its good colour, structure and balance.

Excellent deep colour, good tannins and quite a bit of power. Expect cherry and black fruits, particularly blackberry, a hint of strawberry with some spice and earthiness. In terms of flavour, the variety bears some resemblence to a very concentrated (low yield) Pinot Noir or a cool-climate Sankt Laurent. If you are a fan of crazy mixed-metaphores it is a bit like a Pinot Noir raised by a pack of wild Cabernet Sauvignon.

A Swiss grape born and bred, Diolinoir is a cross between Robin Noir (sometimes known as Rouge de Diolly) and Pinot Noir, taking its name from its parents.

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