Schiava Grigia

When the Romans conquered Bolzano on the northern conquest they found a wine growing culture already 500 years old! It was presumed that Vernatsch was already being grown there at this time and the name Vernatsch comes from the Latin vernaculus meaning “native”. Grauvernatsch is the much sought after prized variety of Vernatsch which takes its name from the silky grey gossamer film that covers the grapes at maturity. The grapes also tend to be smaller and less dense with a higher flavour concentration.

A light red fruit wine, with notes of bright cherries and pomegranete and often with a hint of gingerbread. 

When grown on old vines (> 60 years) it produces very low but high quality yields, it also loves a warm climate and so the sunny and warm slopes of the Alto Adige are perfect as found in our example called Sonntaler (sun valley) from Kurtatsch Kellerei Cantina.


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