Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris grapes I love Pinot Gris, so we have quite a few.

Also called Grauburgunder, Pinot Grigio or Malvoisie, our comes from all around the Alps, Alto Adige, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Pinot Grigio is the name of the grape in Italian, often associated with a particularly simple style of wine, but most Pinot Gris is not like that. In the UK this grape is often overlooked or seen as an alternative to drinking Chardonnay in the summer. Please do not make that mistake. Almost as versatile as Riesling, it's a really fun trip to explore all its facets.

Pinot Gris, when made well, is a full-bodied wine which has a range of flavours that can go from ripe tropical fruit notes of melon and mango to some botrytis-influenced flavours and some seriously savoury notes. 

Try a German one, and Alsace one, do not miss Alto Adige or Austria. And try an English one, while you're at it!

If you only try one from our current range, Joseph Lentsch's in Burgenland are fantastic and bargains.

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