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Tucked away to the west of Vienna, between the Kremstal, Donauland and Weinviertel, lies Kamptal, which takes its name from the River Kamp which runs through the region. Winegrowing history here goes back a long way - the local museum in Langenlois has exhibits showing that this region has been populated by man since the stone age.

The region is centred on Langenlois, which is Austria's largest wine town, while key wine villages include Kammern, Zöbing and Gobelsburg.

Our primary Kamptal producer is the Waldschütz family - their wines are fantastic examples of the primary rock terroir


Wine Statistics    

  • 8.6% national production.
  • Cultivated area, 3907 ha approximately .
  • 80% white and 20% red.
  • Average 33.3°C in summer and a minimum -11.9°C in winter.
  • Sun exposure,  1824 hours per year.
  • Average annual rainfall, 553mm with rainy days.
  • Lowest elevation 200 metres, highest elevation 300 metres.
  • Soils are gneiss, sandstone loess or gravel. 


As in neighbouring Wachau and Kremstal, the primary grape varieties are Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, grown on some 3,800 hectares of primary rock, loess, and clay soils.

During the day, the hillsides are heated by the sun's rays, whilst at night they are cooled by the fresh breeze from the Langenlois to the north.

The region is dominated by a high-lying area known as the Heiligenstein, documented as long ago as 1280 as “Hellerstein”, or Hell Rock, because of the burning sun it enjoys which is perfect for ripening grapes. I've been there in June, it's hot all right! Daytime sun warms the hillsides while at night the vineyards are cooled by the river and fresh breezes from the north.

White grape varieties develop a spicy aroma, a fine acidity and a crystal-clear mineral character. Reds develop fine berry tones with delicate fruit and are among Austria’s most elegant.

Kamptal Wine Grapes

some of the most typical varieties in Kamptal

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