Rotgipfler, named after the red tips of its vine leaves, is a white grape and is grown principally in Thermenregion, where it has helped to establish the reputation gained by the wines of Gumpoldskirchen.

As well as sweet and dry wines from that region we also have a couple of wines from Wagram. The wines are golden-yellow with a prominent fresh spicy bouquet, are rich and fruity with peach and apricot and often high in alcohol. Has to be tried - a fascinating wine. As with so many of the lesser known grapes of the region it can be made into a refreshing and fruity dry wine but also a sweeter wine from late harvest Spätlese to Trockenbeernauslese. It is most often used in blends, particularly with Zierfandler.

Rotgipfler was first documented around 1840 in Styria although now associated mainly with Gumpoldskirchen in Thermenregion.

Rotgipfler is a natural cross of Traminer and Roter Veltliner, making it a relative of Pinot and all its progeny, particularly the Veltliner grapes.

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