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Rainer Christ is one of the best in Vienna and he's one that you should definitely seek out should you ever visit the only capital city which has vineyards within the city limits! Located up in Jedlersdorf in the 21st District you'll find the winery and tasting room along with another Viennese tradition, the Heurige, or wine tavern. Here you can enjoy Rainer's fabulous wines under a shaded pergola with a delicous smorgasbord of roast pork, pickles, cold cuts and Viennese delights!
The Christ family have been making wine here for 400 years and today the property is a remarkable blend of old and new with modern cellars and cutting-edge architecture.

Their main vineyards cover 25 hectares and lie on the gently sloping south-facing Bisamberg on the north-eastern boundary of Vienna. The Bisamberg is apparently the most easterly Alp with a wide diversity of soils and rock types. This makes Christ's wines technically Alpine; But even if they weren't I would have to list them, as he produces such amazing bottles. Some of the vines are up to 80 years old!
Vienna has been free of insecticides for over 20 years and Christ also uses no herbicides.

He is also a pioneer of very gentle wine production methods, using natural yeasts, minimal sulphur and trying to minimise histamines in the wine. In fact his white wines have less than 0.1g/L of histamin, something that
people sensitive to histamines will appreciate. In addition many of the wines are Vegan and so have no fining and are sterile filtered. 

Rainer was a pioneer in reviving the classic Viennese Gemischter Satz, a traditional Viennese field blend where all the grapes in the blend have to be harvested at the same time and co-fermented! This wine is a testament to the real skill of the winemaker knowing the right moment to pick will mean some grapes are over ripe and some under ripe and some just right! It's also a great wine to try if you want something unusal and typically Viennese!
Other highlights of his range are the Zweigelt Bisamberg and the full bodied and texturely rich Pinot Blanc which takes its name "Der Vollmondwein" or Full Moon wine not from anything cultish but because Rainer waits for the full Moon before harvesting! It's a triumph with a minerality that comes from the mussel limestone sediment in the vineyard a rich mouthfeel from the 6-10 months of lees ageing. Add to that the potential to devlelop more complexity over 10-12 years and you have a wine to enjoy now or wine to love in the future!

We think the Pinot Blanc is one of the best anywhere, and also the secret behind why the Gemischter Satz is so good!

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