The Region    

The third corner in the Mont Blanc Alpine triangle of Valais, Savoie and Aosta. Cradle of so many great varieties and starting point of wine cultures all the way to Austria

Wine Statistics    

  • 0.05% of national production.
  • Cultivated area, 463 ha approximately .
  • 30% white and 70% red.
  • average 28°C in summer and a minimum -4°C in winter.
  • Sun exposure,  1975 hours per year.
  • Average annual rainfall, 805 mm with rainy days.
  • Lowest elevation 550 metres, highest elevation 1,200 metres.
  • Soils are are composed of mainly sand at the top of the valley with alluvial sediments of clay and gravel further down the valley!

Aosta Wine Grapes    

Aosta Producers    

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