The 15 hectares of vines now managed by Cedric Lathuilière and his wife Cathy Gravallon have been in the hands of the Gravallon family for five generations.

Cedric has a huge respect for the legacy he has inherited and also sees his and Cathy’s role as guardians of the terroir for the next generation. Cedric is keen to point out that you can’t pigeon hole his style of winemaking into conventional, organic or biodynamic as he intervenes when only absolutely necessary and is guided just by his observation on reacting to what the vine needs rather than a prescribed regimen. They have banished the use of chemical products for treating the vines and fertilisers and over the last 3 years on the least steep slopes, have started to use shallow ploughing instead of herbicides or just allowing the grass to grow!

This respect for Mother Nature and tradition comes through in the wines they produce.

Most of the work in the vineyard is manual due to the steep incline of the slopes which makes mechanisation nigh on impossible. The harvest is manual with strict sorting criteria to ensure that only the very best fruit makes into the cuvée.

There are no leprechauns at the bottom of this page but there surely is a pot of gold!

If your thing is mature Beaujolais Cru with lots of complexity and tertiary aromas then look no further than the stellar 2009 Fleurie and Morgon Corcelette, fully developed but drinking well! At the other end we have the 2017 and 2018 Morgon Corcelette which is youthful yet still shows what elegance Gamay can deliver when in the right hands and grown on granitic soils which give the wines a lovely minerality added to the crunchy red fruits and kirsch!

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