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We bring you wines crafted by hard work in breathtaking landscapes in the heart of Europe.

  • A proudly personal selection of 400 interesting hand picked wines in stock.
  • Clean delicious wines made the slow way with precision and care.
  • Made by the winemakers they love back in their home country.
  • Ethically delicious too - sustainable wineries, and fair business.
  • We're a small friendly team and we try hard.

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We Try Hard

As a half-Swiss I know what distinctive, quality wines Switzerland can produce. Until now, the problem has been locating them in the UK, since the demise of the Swiss Centre in Leicester Square many years ago. Keep them coming! PS: I would like to see, and taste a pinot noir or two from the Germanic region - very distinctive from Burgundy, but more importantly from the lighter, thinner Germanic pinot.

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MLC Lumley

Ordered at the weekend and arrived on Tuesday. Brilliant!

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Eric Serebro

I'm very impressed with your service and will certainly be ordering more wine in the future. Having made several visits to Austria in the last few years, I've acquired a taste for their wine which, apart from Grüner Veltliner, is hard to find here. I was really pleased when my sister passed on your details. Although I'm only just tasting my second bottle, the quality is excellent-makes me almost imagine I am back in my beloved Tyrol!

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Dawn H

Thank you so much for your excellent and very straight forward service and brilliant levels of communication throughout. I would highly recommend you to anyone!

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Edward C

Thank you for following up. I have been very happy with the wines so far. There were some I did not like, but this was a matter of taste, rather than wine quality. I never knew much about Austrian wines before and I ordered some just to try them, but have been really impressed and have some new favourites like Zweigelt and Weissburgunder. I had Pinot Bianco before, but have never found it notable, while the Weissburgunder was amazing. I liked the Austrian Riesling, even though it was cheaper than relevant German wine and the Julienas Gamay was so nice. Overall I have been very happy quality and value and will order again.

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I was very satisfied with your wines so I think you all do a great job. I'll be in touch when I'm ready for another order.

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Dan M
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