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We Try Hard

Good wines. But no Christian Fischer to draw me back. Was hoping for his 2006s. You're good, but not especially cheap.

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R S Stanier

The wines were EXCELLENT with the pairing of the gourmet meal. A very fine private dining experience at my home as commented by my Swiss guest and very much appreciated.

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Sonal P

Thank you so much for your excellent and very straight forward service and brilliant levels of communication throughout. I would highly recommend you to anyone!

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Edward C

Last night we had a table, he was a wine connoisseur. He asked me if I am Swiss origin, very unusual for him to find so many choices. He was very fussy about Burgundy. I recommended him the Cicero Pinot Noir, and he was thrilled. He said like 5,6 times how good that wine is. Also, we have regulars now who asks for Swiss whites, Doral. Had a table of two, they enjoyed two bottles of Doral and they love it. Also, another table from Norway to whom I recommend Heida, and they loved it, they praised it all night long.

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Valentin - Sommelier

As a half-Swiss I know what distinctive, quality wines Switzerland can produce. Until now, the problem has been locating them in the UK, since the demise of the Swiss Centre in Leicester Square many years ago. Keep them coming! PS: I would like to see, and taste a pinot noir or two from the Germanic region - very distinctive from Burgundy, but more importantly from the lighter, thinner Germanic pinot.

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MLC Lumley

I was very pleased with the service I received. All arrangements were carried out as promised and as a result my event proceeded without a hitch. I would recommend the company to others.

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Neil Underwood
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