1. How to make CHEESE FONDUE
    Categories: recipes, food, ideas & Fondue

    How to make CHEESE FONDUE

    How to make fondue – everything we’ve learned over the years.

  2. Meet Mondeuse Noire
    Categories: knowledge base & ideas

    Meet Mondeuse Noire

    One of these varieties everyone should have heard of, but so few have. Syrah’s grandfather, or perhaps Syrah’s half sister, and gloriously Alpine. It should be one of the next big things. You meet that intriguing dark stranger. They might have stepped out from a Brontë novel but one set in Savoie. Though you could fall […]

  3. Joelle's Favourites, March 2019
    Categories: tasting & ideas

    Joelle's Favourites, March 2019

    A new selection for April based on what I loved in March – I even let Robb pick one! If you’re curious, here are my choices

    Categories: food, ideas & Fondue


    Cheese Fondue is a blend of melted cheese and wine that people eat straight from the pot, dipping bread. Keep going until you can’t anymore or the pot is empty. Raclette is scraped melted cheese. You put a block of cheese near a grill to melt a layer and then scrape it off. Serve on […]

  5. We love Schnitzel
    Categories: recipes, food, ideas & Schnitzel

    We love Schnitzel

    If you follow us on social media, you might have gotten the impression that we have a mad love for Schnitzel. Allow me to correct you: we’re a lot crazier for Schnitzel than you think! And that’s not counting Cordon Bleu, which we love possibly more! I mean, it is Schnitzel with ham and cheese added… […]

  6. Days of wines and roses
    Categories: tasting & ideas

    Days of wines and roses

    Some people accuse me of loving every wine that I taste. I suppose this may be because I try my best to taste not just for myself but also for those people who may be customers, current or future. It may also be because, here at Alpine Wines, we are so rigorous that there are […]

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