Denis & Didier Berthollier

Brothers Denis and Didier are amongst the best winemakers in the Savoie with a pedigree in Savoie winemaking that goes back 150 years to their great grandfather, Alexis who started the winery in 1850!

Denis was a man of vision and so when he studied viticulture on leaving school with work experience in the Rhône Valley, it was back to there that he looked for inspiration to emulate these wines in terms of style and quality rather than Bordeaux which was considered the benchmark then.

Denis joined his father as co winemaker in 1995 and was joined by his brother Didier in 1998.

As historically the vines had been intensively farmed the brothers took the radical step of reversing this trend; By reducing herbicides and farming sustainably in a move to organic certification which came in 2018. Whilst they both tend the vines, respecting nature and their land, Denis works his magic in the caveau whilst Didier balances the books and ensures a robust financial future for the winery!

This dynamic sibling team produce a range of both red and white wines from indigenous Savoie varietals, producing wines that are complex and ever interesting.

Everything they do is good but we are most impressed with their Jacquère from old vines and their two Roussanne "Bergeron", the La Coulée de Prosperine has a lovely saline note that is wrapped around the ripe fruit whilst the Saint-Anthelme has the richness of Roussanne aged in oak for 2 years and 2 years of bottle ageing to give a distinctly white Chateauneuf style with a Savoie twist!

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