Cave de la Côte

Created in 1929 by some of La Côte's winegrowers Uvavins - Cave de La Côte is a co-operative producing more than 200 different vintages representing the different towns and terroirs of the region including Clos, Châteaux (castles), Domaines (estates), all with well-marked tastes and characters.

The wines are of superb quality and the team is ambitious to continue to create wines of international calibre as shown by the number of medals they win.

In 1929, eighty-five winegrowers from Morges and the surrounding region decided to get together to establish the Cave des Viticulteurs de Morges, which immediately equipped itself with many wine presses and vats for the storage of harvests and started to commercialise them.

Then, from 1974 onwards the Cave des Viticulteurs de Morges adopted the current name of Uvavins - Cave de La Côte.

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