Harald Breitenfelder


Harald and Michaela Breitenfelder

Harald Breitenfelder comes from a traditional wine-and-farm family as is customary in the Weinviertel. Together with his wife he has focused the business completely on first class wine production. It is the typical size for an Austrian family winery, at around 18 hectares

He is part of a new wave of innovative winemakers who have been changing the reputation of the region. His approach is modern and ambitious and produces elegant and precise wines - several Grüner Veltliner of outstanding quality, elegant first class whites and stylish fruity reds.

The wines are serial award winners and after tasting the wines it is easy to understand why. Harald is one of our core winemakers for Weinviertel and we are very pleased and proud to be able to bring these wines to the UK.

They also have some lovely guest rooms if you are ever visiting the Weinviertel

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