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  1. Beaujolais vintages
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    Beaujolais vintages

    What makes a good vintage? Generally speaking this depends on what you like. Taste, keep tasting, and taste some more (sorry…) A typical year in Beaujolais should produce wines of medium body, aromatic and fruity, with complexity emerging over the years. If the year does not allow for good ripening they can be overly fresh. […]

  2. Meet Mondeuse Noire
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    Meet Mondeuse Noire

    One of these varieties everyone should have heard of, but so few have. Syrah’s grandfather, or perhaps Syrah’s half sister, and gloriously Alpine. It should be one of the next big things. You meet that intriguing dark stranger. They might have stepped out from a Brontë novel but one set in Savoie. Though you could fall […]

  3. Advice: Keeping Open Bottles
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    Advice: Keeping Open Bottles

    An open bottle will oxidise if left for half a day or so, sometimes less. What can we do about it?

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