A bunch of Furmint and its leaf A bunch of Furmint and its leaf

Furmint is, of course, the main grape in the production of Tokaj, the famous sweet wine from Hungary. It is also grown in other nearby countries, especially in the part of Austria that used to be Hungary, around Lake Neusiedl. This is where we get ours.

Made dry, it is quite a racy and vibrant and very dry white, and that's perhaps how I like it best.

Furmint is related to Gouais Blanc, Gwäss, and therefore to a vast number of well-known varieties such as Chardonnay and Riesling. Pre Phylloxera, Furmint was the main variety in much of Eastern Europe.

It is a parent of the other main grape in Tokaji wines, Hárslevelü and also of the Swiss Plantscher. Just another example of how vines criss crossed the Alps back and forth.

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