Weinhof Waldschütz

You simply cannot go wrong with Weinhof Waldschütz....

The Waldschütz family has had a long love affair with the grapevine! Established in 1849, initially as grape farmers in Kamptal but since 1912 as winemakers. With this pedigree its easy to understand that their focus is on family, tradition and experience.

In 1992 things evolved further, when Anton, 5th generation of Waldschütz married Elfriede from a winery in the neighbouring Wagram region. They saw this as a great opportunity to make wines from two regions in one winery - and we are glad they did!

Today their son, the charming and charismatic Ralph, a 6th generation Waldschütz, is very much the driving force of the winery. His passion and enthusiasm for his wines really shone through at the recent Wines of Austria Tasting in London.

They now have 18 hectares of vineyards which are their pride and joy. The family are very clear despite their success that they don't aim to expand any further. Instead their goal is to continue to be hands on winegrowers/winemakers and keep improving in quality while showcasing their uniqueness of their fantastic mineral terroir! 

If you don't know much about Austria wine, start with the classic wines, they are fantastic introductions. If you do already know a bit, the single origin wines are where the magic is.


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