Mondeuse Blanche

Mondeuse Blanche is another rarity and makes very pleasant and interesting wines. Yet there are only between 5 and 10 hectares left in Savoie. Mondeuse Blanche wines are typically made in the fresh, dry style, typical of Savoie, although they are typically not very high in acidity. The notes are floral (magnolia and acacia) at first , then hazelnuts and rich plum flavours come out - In some ways it is not unlike aromas and flavours found in Viognier.

Whilst DNA profiling has shown that the relationship between Mondeuse Blanche and Mondeuse Noire is a parent-offspring rather than a mutation, it has also shown that Mondeuse Blanche naturally crossed with Dureza and gave birth to Syrah. Yet another rare and almost forgotten grape without which we would be without one of the most popular international varieties. It also has a parent-offspring relationship with Viognier.

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