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Luc and Margaret Massy and their two sons work the land at their estate in the village of Epesses in the heart of Lavaux and make some of Switzerland's most iconic wines!

The Swiss love wine, especially the creamy mineral Chasselas. There is perhaps no better terroir for Chasselas than the incredibly steep slopes of Dézaley whose elevation requires it to be worked by hand whilst on your knees!

The Chemin de Fer presents a different challenge for the Massy family! It's located right at the bottom of the slope, the Massy’s harvest right next to the train line! Chemin de Fer is one of the most famous Swiss wines, it's named after a little of the vineyard had to be sacrificed to make way for the train line (and later road). Massy's grandfather negotiated the right to keep making wine and replanted on every scrap of the land

If you want to experience the very best that Chasselas can show you this is one of those wines that does this native Swiss grape the justice that is deserves!


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