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Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc, Weißburgunder, Fehér Burgundi, Pinot Branco, Pinot Bianco – many names for the same grape depending on where you find it. Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Portugal and Italy all grow this grape as do many other countries, but it is particularly well known in Alsace where excellent examples are made.

We think the best Pinot Blancs in the world might actually be made in Austria where the variety is grown quite widely, but with particular representation in the areas around the Neusiedlersee, Styria, Vienna, and Lower Austria, including the Wachau and Kamptal. The quality of Austrian Pinot Blanc wines is outstanding, with true world-class examples which can stand along anything grown in Alsace. In Austria, even mid-range Pinot Blancs are stylish, with flavours of almonds and good acidity. The best are concentrated, amazingly complex, and age well in bottle, some well in excess of a decade.

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Altesse is the most prestigious white grape of Savoie and is the grape in the famous Roussette de Savoie.


Nearly all the world’s Amigne is grown around the village of Vétroz in Valais, Switzerland. 

Blauer Portugieser

Blauer Portugieser vines give prolific yields and give delicious light-bodied wines. 

Blauer Wildbacher

A supremely fresh red variety used mostly for rosé.


Blaufränkisch makes red wine that is graceful, powerful and complex.


Cabernet Franc

We offer Cabernet Franc from Switzerland and Israel as single variety wines and blends.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Wherever there are vines growing around the world there is likely to be Cabernet Sauvignon. 


Forget any prejudices and long-held beliefs, this is where the new Chardonnay adventure begins.



Chasselas shines in Switzerland as a smooth yet interesting wine.

Cornalin (Rouge du Pays)

Cornalin, originally named Rouge du Pays, was once the dominant red grape variety in Valais.


Diolinoir have excellent deep colour, as might be expected, good tannins and are quite powerful.

Dôle Blend

Not a wine type, but so quintessential it deserves its own page.


Doral is a relatively new grape and is a cross between Chasselas and Chardonnay created to provide a more aromatic version of Chasselas. It has certainly ...


With low yields encouraged and oak used, wines with complexity and good body are being released.

Eyholzer Roter (Hibou)

Eyholzer Roter wine is a medium red, with a nose of mountain violets and raspberries. 

Frühroter Veltliner

Frühroter Veltliner is a fruity wine with a bit of spice and hints of almonds when made into Eiswein.


Austria's Heidi Schröck now produces some of the best Furmint wines in the world.


Gamaret is a new grape, a valuable blend grape, but also as a single variety of singular smooth elegance.


Gamay is such an exciting grape and has superb food-matching abilities few other reds can match.


Garanoir has very smooth tannins, low acidity, has a deep colour and generous fruit.

Gelber Muskateller

The wines are highly fragrant with an intense floral bouquet, with the best having a sweet grassiness.



“A beautiful floral nose, packed with rose petals, and also spice and cloves. Medium bodied, dry, very flavoursome.”

Grüner Veltliner

Grüner Veltliner is a versatile grape with tremendous ageing capability.


Gwäss is important as the ancestor of many modern French and German wine varieties. 


Himbertscha wines typically have aromas of spring herbs, wild garlic, dandelion, hazlenuts and lemons.

Humagne Blanche

Humagne Blanche is delicate, with aromas of white blossoms and notes of honey and resin.

Humagne Rouge (Cornalin d'Aoste)

Humagne Rouge is a high quality indigenous red grape grown in Valais.



A very light pale yellow with aromas and flavours of white flowers, tropical fruits and an underlying flintiness.


This is a very rare grape indeed and is only found in the Haut-Valais region of Switzerland. 



Dark Italian wine with a nod towards Germany.



The Swiss produce an excellent range of single variety wines from this grape.


Merlot is probably the most common and popular grape worldwide - but Alpine Merlot is in its own league.


Mondeuse Blanche

Mondeuse Blanche wines are typically made in the fresh, dry style, typical of Savoie.


Mondeuse Noire

Dark, intense, a touch wild and yet well balanced.


Müller Thurgau

An early ripening cold climate grape.


Neuburger often produces wines that are soft, full-bodied and have a balanced, nutty aroma.



Wild and wonderful reds from the french Alps

Petite Arvine

The white Petite Arvine is one of the varieties that makes the Valais so very interesting.

Pinot Blanc

The best are concentrated, complex and age well in bottle, some well in excess of a decade.

Pinot Gris

Almost as versatile as Riesling, Pinot Gris gives an opportunity to widen your wine knowledge.

Pinot Noir

The world's best subtle red.



Plantscher is a very rare grape despite having an impressive and much admired offspring.


The Rèze is one of the oldest white grape varieties still grown in the Valais region of Switzerland.


The queen of whites. We are a Riesling lover's dream.

Roter Traminer

Roter Traminer has low acidity and literally does smell (and taste) of roses along with dried fruit.


As well as sweet and dry wines from Gumpoldskirchen we also have a couple of wines from Wagram.



Roussanne comes into its own in the Savoie.

Sankt Laurent

St. Laurent makes a suave and sophisticated wine with a lingering finish that continues to delight.


Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a well-known international grape variety that began its life in France.

Sauvignon Gris

Sauvignon Gris wines tend to be richer and more voluptuous in texture than Sauvignon Blanc.

Savagnin / Heida / Traminer / Paien

For me, one of the great white wine varieties.

Scheurebe (Sämling)

The good dry wines have aromas of blackcurrant and notes of grapefruit - worth looking for.

Sylvaner (Johannisberg)

The mature Sylvaner wines have much to offer with more spiciness coming through with age.


Syrah has become one of the world's most popular varieties thanks to very intense loud wines, but in our climate it has elegance



The Viognier grape has natural aromatics including notes of peach, pears, violets and minerals.


Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese from Welschriesling are wonderful as they retain much of the inherent acidity from the grape.


Austrian Zierfandler wines are golden yellow, and have a fruity bouquet and good acidity. 


Zweigelt is the most planted red grape in Austria.

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