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Alpine Wines sell to both the On and Off Trade



Business Development Manager, Tim Killen.

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Trade customers have a number of opportunities to taste our wines throughout the year; We can usually be found at SITT Spring and Autumn, London International Wine Fair, Imbibe and both the Swiss and Austrian Trade Tastings when they occur.

In addition to these events we can also arrange bespoke tastings with buyers/sommeliers and wine merchants from our extensive range of wines.

Whether your enquiry is from the On or Off Trade, our Alpine wines bring something unique and special to the wines that you have on offer to your customers.


What do the Alpine regions have that is different?

First, different climate and terroirs:

  • true cool climate with wide diurnal variation during the growing season
  • altitude and protected valleys offer a longer growing season

This bring complexity to even relatively simple wines like our outstanding Waldschütz Kamptal Classic Riesling

Second, a unique range of lesser known grape varieties and blends. This is perfect for your curious customers who like to exploreFor the sommelier it opens a whole new world of gastronomic pairings with varieties such as Petite Arvine and Cornalin!

Many of our winemakers have an interest in sustainable viticulture. Small producers are in general more connected to the land of their forefathers than large scale corporations and often see themselves as custodians of the terroir for the next generation. This is especially true in these areas which have been making wine for a thousand years or more.

All our producers work sustainably and in an environmentally conscious way. Some are climate neutral. Some are certified organic or biodynamic. All are vegetarian compatible, some are even Vegan certified.

Whatever your interest we look forward to welcoming you to the growing number of trade customers discovering these wines!

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