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  1. Revisiting Les Larmoises
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    Revisiting Les Larmoises

    Sometimes we have to stop selling a wine because there is too much variation from bottle to bottle. These often come into our home cellar. This happened with the Beaujolais Villages Les Larmoises 2007, taken off list 3 years ago after reports of a disappointing bottle. The Larmoises was a lovely old vines vineyard, which Vincent Lacondemine had to give...
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    Cheese Fondue is a blend of melted cheese and wine that people eat straight from the pot, dipping bread. Keep going until you can't anymore or the pot is empty. Raclette is scraped melted cheese. You put a block of cheese near a grill to melt a layer and then scrape it off. Serve on potatoes, with pickles. Keep going...

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