Mondeuse Noire and Pinot Noir

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Switzerland  La Côte 

The lighter side of Mondeuse from Lake Geneva.

Winemaker Domaine de Maison Blanche
Features Unoaked
Style Red, Still, Dry, Blend
  • Alpine Wines Grape Varieties: Mondeuse Noire
  • Pinot Noir
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Mondeuse Noire and Pinot Noir 2019 75cl cl
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If you go to Switzerland and ask for a bottle of Mont-sur-Rolle you will not be offered this wine as you have not been specific enough. Without mentioning the grapes involved you will always be presented with a bottle of white wine made from the Chasselas grape. So be sure to ask for this with the names of the grapes involved and you will get what you ask for!

This 2008 Mondeuse Noire and Pinot Noir example created by Yves de Mestral at Maison Blanche is a refined and delightful wine. Its colour is lovely, a bright, clear light ruby, just a couple of shades darker than you might expect from a Pinot Noir thanks to the Mondeuse Noire. Although only 12%, it has very sturdy legs which appear to indicate a lot more and indeed it does seem stronger than it is.

On the nose, which is quite light, there are red berry fruits and ground black pepper with a hint of sweet milk chocolate behind. Perhaps it is the Swiss culture making itself known?

On tasting, the first thing you notice is the high acidity. If you were to try this blindfolded you could be excused for thinking it was a white wine, especially as it has very fine, soft tannins, mainly thanks to the Mondeuse Noire. As I said, this is a wine of refinement. The flavours of red berry fruits prevail with the Pinot Noir contributing strawberry and the Mondeuse Noire giving very nice back flavours of blueberry. There is still some spice but despite the two grapes often giving a lot of spice, not as much as you might expect. It is hard to tell which grape has mellowed the other!

There is a long finish with the blueberry flavours coming through very nicely. Whilst the Mondeuse Noire has added refinement to the Pinot Noir, the Pinot has endowed this wine with an elegant grace. This is a wine to enjoy with red meats and game. We drank it with venison and it was a perfect match. Later, we drank it with a selection of olives, both black and green, when the fruit flavours suddenly appeared very strongly. It was amazing and wonderful!

Be warned – this is a wine that disappears from the bottle before you know it. Either open a few at once or keep watch because it is so easily drinkable.

(Until the DNA testing of grapes became the best way to work out which grape was related to which, it was generally thought that Mondeuse Noire was related to Syrah as they share a number of aroma and taste characteristics. The DNA tests however, showed that they are not related at all.)

Wine Details

Style Red, Still, Dry, Blend
Winemaker Domaine de Maison Blanche
Country Switzerland
Region La Côte
Features Unoaked
Aged In Steel
Closure Natural Cork
Varieties Mondeuse Noire, Pinot Noir
Ripeness Normal


Product Code 41MB0819
Size 75cl
Alcohol 13.5
In a nutshell Smooth Mondeuse from Lake Geneva
Arrived 2 Jan 2024
Last Tasted 5 Sept 2023
mature evolution? No
Also Available at Online Exclusive
Case Size 12
Sweetness dry
Closure Natural Cork
Allergens Contains Sulphites
No longer available
VintageProduct CodeAlcoholkeeps at least until


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