Will I get my wines in time for Christmas? (2023)

Cut off for pre Christmas grouped delivery: Dec 19th 9am

Our normal deliveries are sent from our HQ, the "Yorshire Cellar". We only have a small rolling stock and get the wines out from the warehouse once a week.

Normally we request the pallet on Tuesday and get the wines on Wednesday, but on the Christmas week we will request it on the Monday as there are too often delays that week.

Express or wines from single location: Dec 21st 9am

After the 19th 9am we no longer can regroup and therefore the shipping costs will be significantly higher unless you pick wines that are in stock in one of our 2 locations.

Wines at HQ / Wines in London

After the 21st 9am the next delivery dates will be

if ordered on 21st or early 22nd: on Dec 27th then Dec 28th and Dec 29th respectively. Cut off for New Year is the 28th at 10am! Wines at HQ only

January 3rd (London van) or 5th (grouped) - delivery options information

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