When will I get my wines? How fast can I expect delivery?

You can always specify a later date when you know you will be in. Just put it in the order notes

Our wines are stored in a London warehouse and at our HQ in Yorkshire.

Grouped delivery: the following Thursday or Friday

The courier rates from the London warehouse are not competitive. As a result our normal deliveries are sent from our HQ, the "Yorkshire Cellar". 

We have a small rolling stock at HQ and get the remaining wines out from the warehouse once a week.

Normally we request the pallet on Tuesday and get the wines on Wednesday, meaning a Thursday delivery to you. Though sometimes pallets arrive late so it could be Friday. If your order arrives after 10am on a Tuesday there's a good change it will be the following week only.

If your wines are all in stock at HQ we will send them immediately, though we tend to wait for Monday rather than send on a Friday. If you prefer them sooner or later, please tell us in delivery instructions!

Express delivery: within 1-2 working days

Express delivery means you will pay the warehouse's higher courier rates as you can't wait for regrouping. Wines might be sent from both warehouse and HQ.

If you chose "Express Delivery" before 11, the wines will go out for next working day delivery. We try our best to get wines out even if the order comes later, but there's no guarantee we can.

London van: 2 working days

This comes in original packaging or generic wine boxes. Wines in London warehouse only

Once it has shipped:

You will be sent an email confirming despatch has taken place. Your wines should then be delivered within 1 working day of going out (for normal locations).  During busy periods, or for destinations in the Scottish highlands or not on the UK mainland, it may take longer.

Using the courier tracking link you can request another delivery date or a pick up location.

Deliveries are untimed. The courier will send you an update with expected delivery times.

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