Can I recycle your packaging?

Airsac packaging is made out of recyclable plastic. If you council's recycling of plastics is not up to it yet (alas, most aren't), our packaging can be recycled at any "carrier bag" recycling point in supermarkets. Deflate it first...

Airsac consititutes almost a third of our shipping costs but it minimises breakages and it provides some thermal insulation in transport. It also compresses down to nearly nothing (box excepted) to minimise disposal, so it requires less transport energy and we don't leave you with a lot of clutter.

The packaging is reusable - we have kept some of the inflated sleeves a year and they barely lost any air (you could even pump them back up if you were really motivated). The bottle sleeves can be split into several single bottle sleeves for putting in a suitcase for example.


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