I want to reorder wine but can't find it, help!

We have a lot of unique wines so it is quite possible that by the time you finally open a bottle and decide you love the wine, it is gone.

If the wine is from the last couple years it is still on the site, and you can check the characteristics of the wine. 

What then?

First, we show on the wine page other wines by that winemaker and other wines people bought before/after buying this wine. These are good wines to start with, though if the wine has been out of stock a long time many of these could be gone too. 

Try searching for a similar wine made from the same grape. This is easy to do by clicking on the VARIETY image on the wine page. This will bring up a list of other wines made using this variety. If it's the style of the winemaker you like then search by WINEMAKER from the dropdown menu and this will bring up a list of all other wines made by them that are in stock.

Alternatively feel free to call or mail us and we can advise when and if we will be restocking or can advise you of a similar alternative wine

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