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Switzerland  Ticino 

A blend of Merlot and Gamaret that both surprised and delighted us when we visited Guido Brivio.

Winemaker Gialdi & Brivio
Features Oaked, Old Vines, Vegetarian and Vegan
Style Red, Still, Dry, Blend
  • Alpine Wines Grape Varieties: Gamaret
  • Merlot
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Why We Have It

An excellent wine and the best example of a Gamaret-Merlot blend we have tasted.

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An impressively fruity wine that caught us by surprise.

We are always interested in finding good examples of Gamaret to feature in our Swiss selection, it is a very interesting and promising variety and we often run across Gamaret-Merlot blends. We usually found that you lost too much of the typicity of Gamaret - nice wines but not what we were looking for.

This is the wine that made us realize we were wrong. The tannins and structure from the Gamaret combine elegantly with the fruit you expect from a good Merlot.

When I first tasted it I thought it was a very clever Merlot blend, something you see frequently in Ticino. I was astonished when I was told it was 60% Gamaret and only 40% Merlot.

For those unfamiliar with Gamaret, it has the tanins and structure of Cabernet Franc but the fruit notes and aromas resemble Merlot more closely than Cabernet Franc, so the resulting blend is exceptionally harmonious. Don't let the Cabernet Franc parallel mislead you though, this is not a "Bordeaux Blend", it is its own wine.

Dogaia both surprised and delighted us so much we bought some to share with you.

Wine Details

Style Red, Still, Dry, Blend
Winemaker Gialdi & Brivio
Country Switzerland
Region Ticino
Features Oaked, Old Vines, Vegetarian and Vegan
AOC Rosso del Ticino DOC
Aged In Barrel (new), Barrel (old)
Closure Natural Cork
Varieties Gamaret, Merlot
Ripeness Normal
Winemaking Malolactic

Serving Suggestions

Pairs exceptionally well with leg of lamb, but like a Bordeaux, it also pairs well with hearty meats and mature cheeses.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Colour: Deep and intense Bordeaux red.

Bouquet: Very intense and complex with smells of blackberries. Nuances of herbs (lavender) accompanied by roasted notes of tobacco.

Palate: Fresh and full bodied. Elegant, fruity, with a good structure and soft tannins of perfect quality and strength. Persistent and balanced at the finish with liquorice notes.

Vintage 2012
We showed this wine at the 2019 Cheltenham Wine Fest and it was a tremendous hit. The oak has mellowed and the tannins have smoothed, just as expected, since we last tasted this wine in June 2017 and it was really tasting well. Lots of people said they would buy a bottle and then when they came back at the end they bought two because they had been so impressed.


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VintageProduct CodeAlcoholkeeps at least until


Vinification in the Bordelaise style with a maceration period of 10-16 days in stainless steel tanks maintained at a temperature of 28-32°C.

The greater part, 75% of the wine, is matured in barriques of new French oak, while 25% was placed in one year old barriques, all for over 13 months.

The two varieties are vinified separately and assembled just before bottling.

Frequent racking from the lees and giving the wine time allows the wine to be bottled without fining, filtration or other physical stabilization.This may result in a slight sediment in the bottle.


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