Taste of Switzerland - Starter 6 Bottle Case

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A mixed selection of 6 different red and white wines from various Swiss winegrowing regions. A good place to start your discovery of wines from this fascinating winemaking country.

Case Type Discovery
Number of bottles 6
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Classic wines the Swiss drink, Gamay, Pinot, Merlot, Chasselas - and some unique rarities like Doral, White Merlot, or autochtone varieties

Our cases are ranged from Discovery to Indulgence (bronze to platinum).

Whereas there is a measure of "quality" it is mostly a level of complexity and diversity.

  • Starter. shows typical wines in the classic style - to learn or show the grape varieties and style. These are not "basic" but they set the bases for discovering more. Start here before you move on, to learn what's what
  • Explorer: still focuses on the core classic styles, but with more complexity and ambition. Designed to give a wider understanding and make you try some new things.
  • Indulgence: showing off more daring wines, some premium bottles in the classic styles and some of the more personal wines. You've now got the basics, and you can stretch your wings
  • Magic: Virtuoso wines, wizardry, creativity, no compromise wines - we're not learning anymore and we can have some fun.
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