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No easy shortcuts

Terroir is born when the union of people and land over generations has created magic that can only happen in a particular place.

In the Alps we have an unique, difficult, exhilarating and incredibly pure terroir. Here, you can't ignore the landscape. Our weather starts and stops at the Alps, our soil was made by glaciers, our culture developed along the trade routes through the Alps.


Places are not interchangeable

Faced with the rough terrain of the mountains, human scale is the only way to make wine. Machines can't handle it. Quality is the only way.

The results are unique interpretations of classic grapes and also some of the rarest heritage varieties in the world.

There is care, passion and work in these bottles that is considered absurd by modern standards of profitability. But when you open a bottle, you'll be glad stubborn heroic winemakers didn't listen.


People are not interchangeable

This is personal. The business is human powered and can be counted on one hand.

Our producers are small, usually families. Like winemakers everywhere today, they explore their terroir, work with new techniques and revive old ones. But they do it in the hardest terrain.

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