Surprise Case "Indulgence", Limited Edition, 6 bottles

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This case will have a mix of wines, some new arrivals, some classics, some older vintages, from the stock at HQ.

You will get an email outlining what's in the case and any tips we might have - some oldies need time to open up, others decidely do not want to wait too long after opening up.

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This is a limited set cases which will be sent from HQ with a personal selection (humans not included). These are only made available when we have a large enough selection of stock at HQ.

Surprise cases are a nice way to sample wines and feed your curiosity from many of the countries we represent.There are 6 wines, at least 2 whites and 2 reds. The wines are a special selection we used at recent tastings and events where only a few bottles were left and not worth sending back to the warehouse. 

Our Cases

Our cases are ranged from Discovery to Indulgence (bronze to platinum).

Whereas there is a measure of "quality" it is mostly a level of complexity and diversity.

  • Starter. shows typical wines in the classic style - to learn or show the grape varieties and style. These are not "basic" but they set the bases for discovering more. Start here before you move on, to learn what's what
  • Explorer: still focuses on the core classic styles, but with more complexity and ambition. Designed to give a wider understanding and make you try some new things.
  • Indulgence: showing off more daring wines, some premium bottles in the classic styles and some of the more personal wines. You've now got the basics, and you can stretch your wings
  • Magic: Virtuoso wines, wizardry, creativity, no compromise wines - we're not learning anymore and we can have some fun.

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