How surreal it all feels. As I rewrite this update for the 10th time now, I still don't know what to say. Like all of you I am worried. About family and friends, about suppliers and customers, and about the shape of the future.  

Alpine Wines is run mostly from home and a specialised drinks warehouse, no store, and we've been in "social distance" safe mode since the 4th of March. And in drinks logistics, distance is normal. Our warehouse also does soft drinks for major retailers so as long as they remain open and couriers continue to run, we can send you wine

As restaurants and shops closed people are rallying around saving local businesses. This is great!  I realise that for most people we are far from the highest priority shop out there, and that's understandable. Support your local businesses if you can. I'm very touched by those of you who have decided that we are one of the special businesses they need and have placed orders for wine - it means a lot! 

You might have noticed that the Alpine regions are in the thick of it. Our wine producers, many of whom are friends, have lost all their trade since February and been on lockdown for weeks. Of course every person and every business across the world is hurting but I can't help but have my heart broken for those businesses I have known for years and seen grow. Possibly more than for my own.

I will be writing about them a bit more on this neglected blog and I'm hoping to put some preorders in to support them.

With so much turmoil, why keep selling wine? We mail order sellers are encouraged to continue trading, even for non essential goods, if we can do so safely.

Wine is joy, wine is flavour, wine is memories, connection to people and place. And we need those. Even at a distance, raising a glass to someone feels meaningful.

On a personal level we are lucky - I miss many things but cooking, reading (we have a lot of books!) and playing board games and video games are things that keep us two happy. We're lucky. Our neighbouring streets have organised using cards through doors and social media and are supporting each other. Having things to do instead of feeling helpless is good.

I hope you too have growing networks of support. May you find solace, care, and create for yourselves and other many bright happy moments in all of this,

raising my glass to you,