1. How to make CHEESE FONDUE
    Categories: recipes, food, ideas & Fondue

    How to make CHEESE FONDUE

    How to make fondue – everything we’ve learned over the years.

  2. Beaujolais vintages
    Categories: tasting, knowledge base & Beaujolais

    Beaujolais vintages

    What makes a good vintage? Generally speaking this depends on what you like. Taste, keep tasting, and taste some more (sorry…) A typical year in Beaujolais should produce wines of medium body, aromatic and fruity, with complexity emerging over the years. If the year does not allow for good ripening they can be overly fresh. […]

  3. Meet Mondeuse Noire
    Categories: knowledge base & ideas

    Meet Mondeuse Noire

    One of these varieties everyone should have heard of, but so few have. Syrah’s grandfather, or perhaps Syrah’s half sister, and gloriously Alpine. It should be one of the next big things. You meet that intriguing dark stranger. They might have stepped out from a Brontë novel but one set in Savoie. Though you could fall […]

  4. Revisiting Les Larmoises
    Categories: tasting

    Revisiting Les Larmoises

    Sometimes we have to stop selling a wine because there is too much variation from bottle to bottle. These often come into our home cellar. This happened with the Beaujolais Villages Les Larmoises 2007, taken off list 3 years ago after reports of a disappointing bottle. The Larmoises was a lovely old vines vineyard, which […]

  5. Sad and Strange Times
    Categories: news

    Sad and Strange Times

    How surreal it all feels. As I rewrite this update for the 10th time now, I still don’t know what to say. Like all of you I am worried. About family and friends, about suppliers and customers, and about the shape of the future.   Alpine Wines is run mostly from home and a specialised drinks […]

  6. Taste and buy IN PERSON this Autumn
    Categories: event

    Taste and buy IN PERSON this Autumn

    To pick up your order from us on the day, order by October 7th Three Wine Men, November 9th, Cambridge This will be our third visit to Cambrige – look forward to seeing you there! Book here To pick up your order from us on the day, order by November 4th Three Wine Men Cambridge, […]

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    Alpine Wines Trade Events

    We are increasing our trade show presence this year. Please come by and taste 2019 SITT Autumn: MONDAY 9th SEPTEMBER 2019, London WEDNESDAY 11th SEPTEMBER 2019, Manchester Swiss Delicacies, September 12 2019, London At the Guild of Fine Food. Information here Swiss Delicacies, September 12 2019, London At the Guild of Fine Food. Information here […]

  8. Joelle's Favourites, March 2019
    Categories: tasting & ideas

    Joelle's Favourites, March 2019

    A new selection for April based on what I loved in March – I even let Robb pick one! If you’re curious, here are my choices

  9. Ben's Alpine Wines Austrian Tour Part 2
    Categories: travel notes & Austria

    Ben's Alpine Wines Austrian Tour Part 2

    On Tuesday we packed our bags and said goodbye to the little part of Vienna which had been our home. Our first stop was north of the city to the town of Sachsendorf where we visited the beautiful winery of Waldschütz. We have been importing Waldschütz wine for a few years and they keep getting […]

  10. Switzerland

    Swiss Wine - Small is Beautiful Wine has been grown in Switzerland for 2,000 years. Yet very little is known about these wines outside of Switzerland. That is because the Swiss drink most of it, in spite of making wine in nearly every canton (county) the Swiss are large importers of wine. Switzerland is a […]

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