Weingut Günter & Regina Triebaumer

Rust, Burgenland

The Triebaumer family have been active in Rust since 1691 - wine and winemaking has a very long tradition in the family.             

Günter Triebaumer and Regina Limbeck took a less direct route having worked elsewhere in the industry and travelled extensively learning a great deal about international winemaking before entering the family business at home. They have chosen a winemaking philosophy that is open-minded, modern and forward-thinking, combining roots and tradition with progress. It shows in some of their wines which take their inspiration from other countries' styles.

They currently own 16 hectares of very high quality 'Rieden' vineyards in Rust from which they produce a wide range of wines which are typical of the Burgenland region.


"When I was 12 years old I already knew how to make wine. I used to collect wine even when I did not drink it and write the notes in my book. The book is my treasure and now the estate is everything I dreamed off."

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