Jerome Lacondemine (Vincent Lacondemine)

We are particularly pleased to offer you wines from Vincent Lacondemine and his nephew Jerome. Vincent is past retirement age and now works with his nephew Jerome, whose own estate is in Fleurie. Jerome has taken over all the vineyard work, and works with Vincent in the cellar. The labels will change, but from what we can tell so far, the style remains.

Vincent has six hectares, located on south-facing hillsides near Beaujeu, and produces wines using traditional techniques passed down by his ancestors since the domaine was established in 1876.

These wines are old favourites of ours known to us for many years. There is very strong emphasis here on quality and respect for traditional ways. The grapes are harvested by hand and pressed using gentle wooden presses which were mechanised by M. Lacondemine's father. Fermenting grape juice is cooled by a natural stream running through the property.

M. Lacondemine is one of those rare people who puts his soul into what he does - devoted to his wines, always striving to achieve improvements, never satisfied. The quality however is superb and his stunning Beaujolais Villages wines put many others from the appellation to shame - and many Crus too! The white is also superb and the rosé is elegant and subtle.

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