Varone Vins

Sion, Valais

We did not really need to add another producer from the Valais but we believe in supporting and recognising people who do great work. I have been rather impressed by the Varone family because of their wines, their acumen, the development of beautiful wine tourism and the willingness to stand by their wine, and Swiss wine in general, on the international stage.

Their family axiom is "make good wine, otherwise what's the point?" This is a good description for a winery which is both pragmatic and ambitious.

They are rightly proud of their wines and terroir and are willing to stand by their wines by entering competitions abroad more than any of our producers. This has allowed them to successfully export even to France - and that is not an easy feat!

"Frederic Varone Vins SA" was established by Frederic Varone in 1900. The Varone family have been key players in the development of winegrowing and winemaking tradition in Valais and now wine tourism with their gorgeous "Cube" set in a magnificent location above Sion.


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