Valais Mundi

Uvrier, Valais

Four friends who were passionate about wine, oenologists and growers, were haunted for years by a question - why were the wonderful and diverse terroirs of Valais, blessed with good altitude and sunshine, not capable of giving a very great fine wine? A truly great wine?

The friends combed through vines and traditions, searched painstakingly among memories, selected this vine and that vine parcel, analyzed harvests, scrutinized the weather and dissected the soil. Then one day, in a glass, led first by their noses, then by their mouths, the answer appeared. Electus was born.

The exceptional exposure to sunlight enjoyed by the vines in Valais, up to 800 metres, and spread across the flanks of the mountains, allows some 50 grape varieties to ripen here. A veritable ampelographic conservatory which only a handful of regions in the world are permitted to enjoy. Cornalin, Humagne, Diolinoir – grapes that are so little known elsewhere! Electus brings together up to seven of these. The number varies from one vintage to another with nature alone in charge of this decision.

Valais Mundi' Wines


Valais Mundi
No compromise wine - oaked yet pure light and infinitely subtle.

Valais Mundi
A wine created to raise expectations about Swiss wine to a whole new level.

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