Peter Dipoli

Egna, Alto Adige

A top producer with a small range of exquisite wines who is widely admired and regularly receives industry accolades for his products. The Peter Dipoli estate was born in 1987 when the Dipoli family bought 1.2 hectares of vines in Penon, a hamlet near the village of Kurtatsch. The vineyard was completely replanted with Sauvignon Blanc and in 1990 the first 1637 bottles of Voglar were produced.

In the following years the estate was enlarged with the addition of the Lugum vineyard in nearby Magré and the purchase of an ancient rural property in Villa, near Egna, that was restored in 1998 and became the estate winery. Peter's background is in farming and he studied viticulture and worked for 5 years at the research station of Laimburg before going back to his father's property with the aim of creating his own vineyard estate. Today he is very active in the promotion of wines from Alto Adige and is the Vice-President of the Freie Weinbauern Südtirol (Committee of Free Winegrowers South Tyrol).


He summarises his philosophy about wine thus:
"Some years ago I put my lifelong passion for wine into practice by becoming a wine producer. I wanted to make wines that would reflect my ideas about which grape varieties to use and about the most correct and respectful ways of turning them into wine. I believe that each grape variety should be planted in the environment that best suits it. The producer's job is to transform the grapes as naturally as they arrive from the vineyards into wines that express the characteristics of soil, habitat and growing season.  A respect for these factors precludes all predetermined styles of wine - too often produced following momentary fashions. I am happy when consumers understand a wine to be the result of specific growing conditions with whatever natural variabilities these may entail. Only then can they appreciate a great wine as being a unique and true expression of a grape, its territory and its producer"

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