Kellerei Kurtatsch / Cantina di Cortaccia

Kurtatsch, Alto Adige

A small co-operative producer located in the village of Kurtatsch which is also known in Italian as Cortaccia in bilingual Alto Adige. The village is located high on a sunny plateau overlooking the Etsch Valley. This is a place of extraordinary beauty being surrounded by orchards, vineyards and forests, with splendid views of the Dolomite Mountains. The Cypress trees which are found throughout the area adorn the bottle labels of Kellerei Kurtatsch wines. Their wide range is produced from grape varieties typical to the region and grown in fertile soils. These wines offer some of the best value we have found in the region.

The Kurtatsch vineyards, which are located between 220 and 900 meters in altitude, are unique in South Tyrol. The majority are located on steep slopes – whether at Brenntal, one of South Tyrol’s hottest sites, or in the district of Graun, at 900 meters. The soil composition of the municipal territory is exceptionally complex. The different grape varieties find optimal growing conditions through the varying exposures of the terrain. Every wine is characterized by its terroir – a term that incorporates all of the climatic, geological and geographical characteristics.


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