Hofkellerei des Fürsten von Liechtenstein

Wilfersdorf, Weinviertel

Liechtenstein's main vineyards are in Weinviertel in Austria, having been the property of the princes since 1463.

The princely cellars are run by a team including Princess Marie (herself a sommelier), Simon Klocker (top sommelier and hospitality industry veteran), and Josef Weinmeyer (winemaker and cellarmaster and now general manager). They produce some truly interesting wines - try the sparkling and the oaked Zweigelt and you'll be convinced.

The principality of Liechtenstein, next to Switzerland, is a much more recent additions (18th century) and the vineyard surface there is very small. Being right next to the Bundner Herrschaft these wines are very similar to Graubünden.

Otto IV of Maissau bequeathed the Castle and Estates of Wilfersdorf to Christoph II of Liechtenstein on January 29th 1436, with the consent of Duke Albrecht V of Austria. Among others, the testament mentions viticultural areas as “accessory” property.


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