Weingut Familie Zull

Schrattenthal, Weinviertal

The Zull family vineyard is located in Schrattenthal which is the smallest winemaking community in Austria.

Early records indicate wine was made here as early as 1220 and by the middle ages the microclimate around Schrattenthal was already well known as being ideal for growing grapes. Dry and hot summer days with cooler nights during the ripening period gives the wines power and elegance.

The adjacent Manhartsberg protects the gentle hills from cold winds.

The Zull family produces an excellent range of red and white wines on several sites totalling 17 hectares, each having it's own individual character. Soils vary. While Rieslings are grown on thin soil over mineral bedrock and are strongly mineral in character, Grüner Veltliner and the red grapes are grown on sand and Loess. Elsewhere, in the vineyards used for Chardonnay, clay loam soils are found.

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