Elisabeth Hausgnost

Guntersdorf, Weinviertel

Some customers might remember Elisabeth from Dienstgutl Loiben which was one of our Wachau producers for years. Elisabeth has since become a friend and key partner and now she has started her own wine in her home town of Guntersdorf in the heart of the Weinviertel.

This is a labour of love, far more effort is spent in the vineyard than Grüner Veltliner ever sees (a care only possible for small quantities and a small vineyard). The vines are visited almost daily by the family - grape bunches are checked, pruned and rotated for sun exposure. If someone told me the vines also get weekly manicures I would almost believe it :)

This amount of care carries throughout and it shows in the wine - award winner for its first and second vintages with SALON winner (the top 250 wines in the land) for the third vintage. 2012 saw the introduction of a Reserve wine as it was such a rich year - this is a complex dining Grüner Veltliner of the highest order. 2013 was the fourth vintage.

Elisabeth Hausgnost' Wines


Elisabeth Hausgnost
A no compromise exceptional Grüner Veltliner from the Weinviertel - no effort spared and it shows.

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