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Yes, We have a (pretty awesome!) trade list

Alpine Wines are the UK's key importer, distributor and merchant for wines from the Alpine region. We exist to make easily available in the UK, wines from the Alpine regions in the heart of Europe, and to share - with the World - our delight in these wines, the people, the places and the culture from which they come.

This of course means we make our wines available to the trade.

Our wines are available both under bond and duty paid, from our bonded warehouse near London, with next day delivery possible. They are also available ex-cellar if you are not in a hurry.


Contact us:

Call 020 3151 3454

or email - [email protected]

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We also offer:-

  • No minimum order - though to get the maximum trade discounts and free delivery there are of course minimum quantities.
  • Low risk starter packs.
  • Wine event format - buy bottles for tastings only, order only what you sold.
  • Joint marketing activities - a tasting at your store, events and wine dinners.
  • On demand sourcing to match your requirements or obtain very specific prestige wines, or older vintages, and our network of relationships and reputation on the ground in Switzerland and Austria opens many doors.
  • Information about your offering on our site ("find it today") and the Swiss Fine Wine site (for qualifying wines).


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